Sa'adi Shirazi:

All human beings are members of one frame,

since all, at first, from the same essence came.

When time afflicts a limb with pain,

the other limbs at rest cannot remain.

If thou feel not for other’s misery,

a human being is no name for thee.

Close-up, research talk at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.
Welcome to the Dr. Farhad Shokoohi's Home Page!


Farhad Shokoohi is an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UNLV.

He received a bachelor’s degree from Razi University, a master’s degree in Mathematical Statistics and a doctoral degree in Statistics from Shahid Beheshti Univeristy (formerly, National University of Iran).

At UNLV, he is focusing on research and teaching.

His research revolves around developing Statistical methods for analyzing High-dimensional and Big Data problems, Statistical genetics, genomics and epigenetic, etc., from the perspective of both frequentist and Bayesian analysis.